Belarus to cover damage from sanctions with cheap Russian gas

While the gas price in Europe reaches more than $1000, Belarus gets gas for $128.5/thousand cubic meters.

Sanctions over Nord Stream 2: the US changes its mind

The updated bill does not include a provision that would force Biden to impose sanctions over the pipeline.

Russia and Belarus agree on gas price for 2022

The price level has been agreed upon based on the conditions of the current year.

GTSOU Position on the BNetzA’s decision to temporarily suspend Nord Stream 2 AG certification process

In a span of 24 hours, the German regulator, BNetzA, has made two momentous decisions.

Gazprom’s UGSFs in Europe start to empty out.

The filling level of the company’s UGSFs with gas remains three times lower than the EU average.

Denmark is against the launch of Nord Stream 2

In 2019, the Danish Energy Agency issued a permit for the construction of a section of the gas pipeline.