Rivne NPP’s power unit was disconnected from the power system

Energoatom says 14 power units will operate during the autumn-winter period.

Depressurization of a pipeline occurred at Rivne NPP

There was a flash of hydrogen without further combustion.

Rivne NPP passed a peer review of the World Association of Nuclear Operators

The team of independent experts was represented by 19 specialists from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Armenia, Slovakia, the USA and other countries.

The capacity of power unit No.4 of Rivne NPP has been reduced

The power unit is planned to be put under maintenance.

Fuel assemblies manufactured by Westinghouse arrived at Rivne NPP

6 out of 15 domestic nuclear reactors are currently operating on Westinghouse fuel.

Rivne NPP unit 3 connected to the grid

Repairs to eliminate equipment defects completed.