Power unit No.2 of Rivne NPP put into scheduled preventive repair

The preventive repair will take 45 calendar days.

Rivne NPP power unit was connected to the power grid ahead of schedule

According to the repair schedule, the 1st unit of Rivne NPP had to be relaunched on March 7.

RNPP’s power unit disconnected from the grid for scheduled preventive maintenance

Scheduled preventive maintenance will be carried out within 45 calendar days.

Power unit No.4 of Rivne NPP is connected to the grid

Power unit No.4 had been repaired since September 6, 2020.

Rivne NPP power unit is connected to the grid

On the weekend, a shutdown occurred as a result of automatic protection.

Rivne NPP power unit no.1 can be operated until 2030 – SNRIU

On December 22, 2020, 10 years will expire from the date of granting a license to extend the design life of Rivne NPP power unit No.1.