Electricity trading companies receive millions in fines for violations

NEURC checked five electricity trading companies.

UEEX started publishing the Monthly Base Load Electricity Price Index

A price indicator has appeared on the electricity market.

Centrenergo sold electricity with a guarantee of supply for the heating season

The company sold baseload electricity with a delivery period from December 1 to March 31, 2022.

NEURC has made changes in the electricity market

The Regulator adopted a number of decisions aimed at further liberalizing the electricity market.

NEURC increased the electricity price cap

The Commission argued the need to increase the price cap by the emergence of a power shortage at certain hours in the summer.

The Ministry of Energy suggested four steps to resolve the crisis in the electricity market

The Ministry sees the solution to the crisis in the introduction of a number of legislative changes.

The DAM prices: interesting results of February

In February, the price on the DAM in the IPS increased by 11%, and on Burshtyn energy island – by 1.7%.

Day Ahead Market: August Results

Prices in Ukraine are lower than in neighboring European countries.

The DAM and IDM in the 1st half of 2020: surplus and low price

The weighted average price on the DAM is 12% lower, on the IDM – by 21% compared to the previous year.

Price indices of the DAM in the IPS of Ukraine in April

Average weighted price decreased by 9.07% compared to March.