NEURC increased the electricity price cap

The Commission argued the need to increase the price cap by the emergence of a power shortage at certain hours in the summer.

NSDC monitors the situation in the energy market

According to NSDC Secretary Danilov, the situation is under control.

AMCU sees signs of anticompetitive concerted actions in the electricity market

The Committee began to study the presence or absence of signs of violations of the law in the actions of market participants.

NEURC increased the price caps on the energy market

The regulator changed the prices on the day-ahead electricity market and the intraday market.

ERU Trading enters the short-term natural gas market

The company has already placed its first bids on the Day-Ahead market.

Centrenergo sold the entire declared volume of electricity at the UEEX auction

The next auctions are planned for April 14, 15 and 16.

Centrenergo sold over 30 thousand MWh of electricity over the weekend at the DAM

On March 23, Centrenergo is scheduled to enter the auctions of the Ukrainian Energy Exchange.

The Regulator canceled the lower price cap for balancing electricity

The corresponding decision comes into force on March 1, 2021.

UEEX launches day-ahead natural gas trading

From December 29, 2020, the Ukrainian Energy Exchange launched natural gas trading on the day-ahead market.

Energoatom proposes to increase the marginal price for unloading in the balancing market up to 80% of the DAM price

NNEGC Energoatom submitted such a proposal by a letter to NEURC.

Energoatom sold 100% of produced products

Such dynamics will allow stabilizing pricing and demand on the market, as well as will reduce its volatility.

Gas prices in Europe have reached $100 per thousand cubic meters.

The contract with the "day ahead" delivery by the results of trading on August 25 closed at $103.6 at the TTF exchange.