Demand for petrol and coal is growing in the US again

Due to the recovery of the economy and production, in particular, the volumes of electricity sold in the country are growing.

Coal supplies to TPPs and CHPs exceeded consumption for the first time since August 2020

Coal consumption at TPPs in Ukraine exceeded supply by 10.6% in 2020.

World coal prices rise due to stronger demand in Asia

Large consumers in China, India, South Korea and Japan increased their purchases.

Miners will start an all-Ukrainian protest if they are not paid their salaries by December 20 – Volynets

The miners will start a protest if the government does not pay them salaries, for which UAH 1.4 billion was allocated.

A new director was introduced at Zmiivska TPP

The new head previously worked for the DTEK holding.

The court in Amsterdam imposed restrictions on DTEK Energy at the claim of Sberbank of the Russian Federation for $45.1 million

DTEK Energy denies their impact on the company's current operations in coal mining and power generation.