Dobrotvorska TPP will operate on the market of ancillary services

Dobrotvorska TPP received a certificate from NPC Ukrenergo on the compliance of electrical installations with the requirements for the provision of ancillary services.

ZNPP power unit No.4 is recommissioned and connected to the power system

4 power units of Zaporizhzhia NPP are in operation.

Ukrenergo has certified ZNPP power unit No.2 for participation on the ancillary services market

ZNPP became the first nuclear power plant that received the right to provide ancillary services across the UESU.

Energoatom and Ukrenergo have tested power unit No.1 of ZNPP

The tests should confirm the conformity of the ZNPP power unit to the requirements of the Transmission System Code.

The Cabinet of Ministers made changes to PSO

Energoatom and Ukrhydroenergo are able to sell more electricity.

Tests to participate in the ancillary services market began at Burshtyn TPP

Ukrenergo began testing power units for compliance with the requirements for the provision of ancillary services.

Ukrenergo resumes auctions for auxiliary services

On April 21, 2020, the company will restore daily auctions for the purchase of auxiliary services.

Ukrenergo temporarily suspended auctions for the purchase of auxiliary services

It will be recovered after clarifying the pricing methodology.

Ukrenergo launched a “two-minute reserve” product on a balancing market

It allows you to quickly respond to imbalances in the power system.

MP proposes to completely ban the import of electricity from Russia and Belarus

The corresponding draft law was registered in the Parliament.

The weighted average price of electricity on the DAM is 1 378.49 UAH/MWh over 20 days of March

This is 8.57% higher than over 20 days of February.