Canada imposes sanctions on Russian oil, gas and chemical industries

These new measures impose a ban on the export of 28 services vital for the operation of the oil, gas and chemical industries.

New Zeland sanctions Russian companies

The country imposed sanctions on 44 Russian and Belarusian companies.

Secondary sanctions on Russia oil discussed at G-7

The US has already banned oil imports from Russia, and European Union countries are aiming to do the same thing, gradually over the next year.

Germany to stop Russian oil imports regardless of EU sanctions

Germany plans to stop importing Russian oil by the end of the year even if the European Union fails to agree on an EU-wide ban in its next set of sanctions.

Biden’s Gas Air Lift and the impact on Kremlin revenue: Thomas W. O'Donnell on the russian gas embargo

How much time Europe needs to abandon Russian gas and what the alternatives are.

Latvia stops attempt to import about 400 tons of Belarusian petroleum products bypassing sanctions

This is the first time since the EU sanctions against Lukashenko became effective.

US Senate to vote for sanctions against Nard Stream 2 by January 14

US Senate to vote in January on Senator Ted Cruz's gas pipeline sanctions bill

Belarus announces the date of unification of the energy market with Russia

The market will operate in aт interaction mode between authorized business entities.

Lukashenko announced the suspension of gas transit to the EU again

Lukashenko described the conditions under which Belarus will stop the transit of energy resources to the EU.

New German government sees no reason to launch Nord Stream 2

The Russian gas pipeline does not meet European standards.

US earned millions on seized Iranian oil

The volume of oil sold was over 1 million barrels.

Belarus to cover damage from sanctions with cheap Russian gas

While the gas price in Europe reaches more than $1000, Belarus gets gas for $128.5/thousand cubic meters.