Oil prices continue to decline

The market is under pressure from the deteriorating prospects for the global economic recovery.

Brent crude is trading above $43 per barrel

Fears for a recovery in demand continue to put pressure on market participants.

OPEC+ does not plan to further reduce oil production due to falling prices

The alliance is likely to extend the compensation period to October and November.

Oil continues to trade below $40 per barrel

Last week, Brent fell by 6.6%, WTI – 6.1%.

The United States reduced oil imports from Saudi Arabia by almost 50%

This was the minimum for at least the previous 10 years.

Brent fell to $42 per barrel

Saudi Aramco will cut prices for all grades of oil for buyers from Asia and the United States in October.

Two new oil and gas fields discovered in Saudi Arabia

Deposits were discovered in the north of the country.

Oil fell in price amid falling demand for fuel

Fuel demand forecasts have been dashed.

OPEC+ cut oil production by 95% in July

A month earlier, this figure was 107%.

Benchmark crude prices rise moderately after declines following previous trading

Brent crude rose to $45.12 per barrel.

Saudi Aramco buys 20% stake in Indian company

This contract is part of a program to increase investment in oil refining.

Brent crude price rises above $45 per barrel again

Oil prices continue to rise after the statement by the head of Saudi Aramco about the recovery in demand in some markets.