Vitrenko: US Senate Committee on Foreign Relations backs draft law on Nord Stream 2 corruption

According to Vitrenko, American lawmakers made this decision on Tuesday, and the document will be soon considered by the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Oil prices go up ahead of OPEC+ meeting

Traders believe that OPEC+ will decide to increase production.

US Senate approves Granholm's candidacy for the post of head of the Ministry of Energy

The candidacy was confirmed with 64 votes in favour, 35 senators voted against it.

Pipelayer Akademik Cherskiy left the completion zone of Nord Stream 2

The vessel indicates not a specific port as the purpose of its passage, but the sea area.

Veto and certification: what's happening to Nord Stream 2

The US Senate voted to pass the FY2021 defense budget, and the Norwegians made a certification decision.

Trump vetoed US defense budget including sanctions against Nord Stream 2

US President Donald Trump blocked the bill, and the House of Representatives said they would seek to lift the veto.