USA and Romania jointly opposed Nord Stream 2

The presidents of the United States and Romania have confirmed their position on the gas pipeline.

To continue the transit contract with the Russian Federation a new group will be formed – Danilyuk

Ukraine will form a new group for negotiations with Russia on the extension of gas transit.

Iran and Russia are opposed to the construction of a gas pipeline from Turkmenistan through Azerbaijan

Iran talks about the environmental dimension.

Israel, Cyprus and Greece are working on a project to supply gas to the EU

Countries plan to transport natural gas to Europe from the eastern Mediterranean.

Gazprom will lose $740 million because of Danish position

Denmark is the only country that has not given permission to lay the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in its territorial waters.

The Swedish part of Nord Stream 2 is planned to be completed in October

Now Russian gas is supplied to Europe through the territory of Ukraine under the contract, which expires on December 31, 2019.