The United States Congress approves a draft law that sanctions the Nord Stream 2

However, the Senate still has to vote for it next week.

Naftogaz received an official proposal for gas transit from Gazprom

Russia still insists on already known conditions: Ukraine’s refusal of the won courts and direct purchase of gas.

Putin offered 25% gas discount for Ukrainians

However, as always, the Russian side could not do things without conditions.

The Ukrainian economy will experience a decline in case of transit termination – Vitrenko

The decline of the economy can be up to 0.7%.

Germany has adopted amendments to the EU Gas Directive on Nord Stream 2

The Bundestag supported the amendments by a majority vote.

Nord Stream 2 AG completed the construction of Nord Stream 2 in Russia

The construction of both pipelines has already been completed in the waters of Germany, Finland and Sweden.