Ambassador: German coalition under threat from Nord Stream 2

The pipeline is not even part of the coalition agreement.

US Senate to vote for sanctions against Nard Stream 2 by January 14

US Senate to vote in January on Senator Ted Cruz's gas pipeline sanctions bill

Nord Stream 2 construction was a strategic mistake – Vice Chancellor of Germany

The question of whether the gas pipeline will be launched remains open.

The second line of Nord Stream 2 is being filled with gas

The first line of the gas pipeline was filled with process gas in October.

New German government sees no reason to launch Nord Stream 2

The Russian gas pipeline does not meet European standards.

Sanctions over Nord Stream 2: the US changes its mind

The updated bill does not include a provision that would force Biden to impose sanctions over the pipeline.

Russia warns US against pressure on Nord Stream 2 certification

The pipeline must be certified before Russia can start exporting gas to Europe.

Germany can help Ukraine extend transit contract for 5-10 years

Germany is negotiating with Russia about the possibility of extending the contract for the supply of gas through Ukraine.

Zelenskyi's press conference: the main energy issues

A press conference of the President of Ukraine held today, on top of everything covered some issues of the energy sector.

Olaf Scholz: the future German chancellor on Nord Stream 2 and gas transit through Ukraine

What the future chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Nord Stream 2

Polish Prime Minister: EU dependence on Russia will increase with the launch of Nord Stream 2

According to him, Russia is using gas as a "political bargaining chip".

The Department of State imposes new sanctions against Nord Stream 2

A company and two ships owned by it are subject to sanctions.