The Ministry of Energy transferred funds to miners to pay off wage arrears

The ministry plans to transfer one more payment in early December.

Shmyhal confirmed problems with coal stocks

He noted 14 out of 15 NPP power units were expected to work permanently during the heating season.

Budget-2021 increase: funds for subsidies and miners

The President signed the Law “On amending the law on the state budget-2021”, which the Rada adopted on September 8.

The Ministry of Energy appealed to the Verkhovna Rada to allocate UAH 2.1 billion to pay off wage arrears to miners

The ministry has submitted proposals to amend the 2021 state budget.

The Ministry of Energy suspects that coal was stolen from the state enterprise Lvivuhillia

The ministry appealed to the National Police on possible violations at the enterprise.

The bill “On Reforming the Coal Industry” has been submitted to public consultations

The Ministry of Energy mentions that the law will ensure the rights of miners to social protection.