OPEC+ has kept a deal to cut oil production by 114% in April

In April, the daily oil production by the parties increased by 100 thousand barrels.

Brent went up to $69.11

Data from the US Department of Energy showed a decrease in oil stocks in the country last week by 7.99 million barrels.

Brent price went down to $65.13

Benchmark crude prices decline amid unexpected growth in US crude stocks.

Brent went down to $64.24 per barrel

The OPEC+ decisions were perceived by the market as a signal of growing optimism regarding the prospects for a global economic recovery.

Oil price went down due to decisions of OPEC+ to increase production

OPEC+ countries have agreed to increase production from May.

Brent goes up to $63.11 in anticipation of OPEC+ decisions

The meeting of the OPEC+ ministerial committee, held on Wednesday, ended with no recommendations.