Guaranteed Buyer made the first advanced payment to renewable energy producers in 2021

For the first ten days, the enterprise transferred to manufacturers 10.8% of the cost of the goods sold.

The share of Belgium solar and wind farrms in electricity production amounted to almost 19% in 2020

The construction of two offshore wind farms was completed in 2020.

The installation of solar power plants on abandoned land plots will bring about 60,000 TW of energy annually

Scientists from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences and Engineering have identified the potential for the use of abandoned arable land.

Costa Rica produced 99.8% of electricity from renewables in 2020

Such preliminary data were announced by the specialists of the State Center for Energy Control of the Republic.

German company found out how to effectively remove snow from solar panels

The new development has already passed extensive testing and is currently being successfully piloted.

В Черновцах для выращивания краснокнижных рыб используют СЭС

Солнечные панели обеспечивают работу насосов в лаборатории.

Electricity generation and consumption in January-August 2020

The volume of electricity production by enterprises of the IPS of Ukraine is 6.6% less compared to the corresponding period of 2019.

How many taxes renewables and coal generation have paid for 10 years

Renewables paid twice as much.

Growth of solar generation in Europe and worldwide: Spain leads

Solar energy will develop proactively in the coming years.

Electricity generation and consumpsion structures in Ukraine (January-October 2019)

Electricity production in Ukraine has decreased by 1.7% for 10 months of 2019.