Naftogaz wins appeal against Gazprom in Stockholm

The Court of Appeal dismissed the complaint of Gazprom.

Naftogaz agrees only to a long-term contract for gas transit – Vitrenko

The company formally responded to Gazprom with a proposal for gas transit.

Nord Stream 2 will start working in mid-2020

Earlier, the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation told about the launch of the pipeline until the end of 2019.

Naftogaz received an official proposal for gas transit from Gazprom

Russia still insists on already known conditions: Ukraine’s refusal of the won courts and direct purchase of gas.

Putin offered 25% gas discount for Ukrainians

However, as always, the Russian side could not do things without conditions.

Naftogaz has secured the arrests of accounts of a company that issued shares for Gazprom

The Ukrainian company is trying to recover $2.56 billion from Gazprom in various jurisdictions for gas shortages.