Heating will be turned on in all houses in Kyiv this week – Klitschko

Social infrastructure facilities and almost half of the city's residential buildings are already receiving heat.

The heating season in Kyiv starts on October 16

According to forecasters, next week there will be a cold snap, at night the temperature will drop to 3-5 degrees.

Kyivteploenergo is building an updated dispatcher's supervisory control system for the capital's energy sector

More than a thousand energy facilities of Kyiv will be united into a single dispatcher's supervisory control system.

Kyiv CHPPs are ready for the heating season

Kyivteploenergo has completed the repairs of the main equipment of two capital's combined heat and power plants.

Kyivteploenergo will monitor the state of Kyiv heating networks using drones

The specialists were trained and received certificates to operate the air monitoring system.

Preparations for the heating season are being completed in the capital – Klitschko

Kyivteploenergo has prepared all the capital's heating stations and boiler houses for winter.

Natural gas stocks in Europe

The total occupancy of European gas storage facilities (UGS) is 93.6%.