Gas Supply Company Naftogaz wants to automatically connect clients of the SoLR to itself

Gas Supply Company Naftogaz turned to NEURCU regarding the connection of residential customers of the SoLR to the company on a basic annual offer.

What subsidy can be obtained in the heating season: the Ministry of Social Policy announced the amount

The amount of the subsidy depends on several factors.

Estonians are reimbursed for electricity costs

The government approved assistance to citizens due to the rise in electricity prices.

The Ministry of Social Policy will pay an increased subsidy

The ministry has increased social standards by 50%.

No subsidies: how many households did not pass automatic verification

Households will not receive assistance because they do not meet eligibility criteria.

The mayor of Cherkasy refused to raise the heat tariff

Anatolii Bondarenko did not sign the decision to increase tariffs for heat for the population.

Standards for calculating a subsidy in Ukraine: gas, electricity, heating, housing

How the size of the subsidy is determined and what social norms are used in 2021.