Japan will develop hydrogen propulsion technology for ocean-going ships by 2025

Hydrogen demand is expected to grow as the international shipping industry strives to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Submarine cable is to connect Morocco with UK for renewable energy transmission

The power complex will consist of 7 GW of solar and 3.5 GW of wind capacity.

US plans to strengthen cybersecurity of electric power infrastructure

US power grid facilities have suffered from cyberattacks more than once.

A degassing station with a capacity of 659 kW was launched near Ternopil

Общая сумма инвестиций в станцию дегазации составила €1,2 млн от украинских частных инвесторов.

Naftogaz plans to open 50 electric charging stations in Kyiv

Naftogaz and Kyiv City State Administration agreed to cooperate on the creation and development of infrastructure for electric cars.

В Германии проводят испытания электрического мусоровоза

В ближайшие недели на улицы Нюрнберга будет выезжать мусоровоз производства германской компании Quantron AG.