Shmyhal explained where to get the additional UAH 12 billion for subsidies

There are almost 3 million households in Ukraine in need of such assistance.

Gas price reaches $727 per thousand cubic meters in Europe

The main price driver is the low level of gas stocks in Europe's underground storage facilities.

UAH 12 billion is not enough to pay subsidies – the Cabinet of Ministers

The government will submit a draft amendment to the budget to the relevant committee by September 16.

Shmyhal said that preparations for the heating season are proceeding in accordance with the schedules

Currently, the readiness for the heating season is more than 80%.

Ireland prohibits the sale of polluting solid fuels

The new rules will take effect until September 2022.

Ukraine is 80% ready for the heating season

Earlier, NEURC transferred its competences to set heating tariffs to local authorities.

Utility debts: debt collectors’ rights and what they are forbidden to do

What rules and restrictions debt collectors are bound by when communicating with debtors.

Standards for calculating a subsidy in Ukraine: gas, electricity, heating, housing

How the size of the subsidy is determined and what social norms are used in 2021.