Krutikhin told whether Lukashenko will be able to cut off gas to Europe

How independent are Belarusian transit threats from the Kremlin?

Gazprom will no longer supply gas to Hungary via Ukraine

The company stopped the transit of natural gas to Hungary through the territory of Ukraine.

Nord Stream 2 and Ukraine: how high will it drive gas prices if the Kremlin completes the pipeline

Why everyone is talking about the Kremlin gas pipeline and how the life of Ukrainians will change if it is launched

Serbia and Hungary have completed Balkan Stream

The transiting of the first batch of gas through Serbia to Central Europe will begin from October 1.

Turkish Stream suspends gas supplies

The gas pipeline was suspended until June 29.

Gazprom claims that Bulgaria has delayed the construction of Turkish Stream

Gazprom officials say the deadlines are more than six months late.

Top shipping insurance group will not cover ships linked to Nord Stream 2

The world’s largest group of shipping insurers will not insure vessels involved in the Russian-led Nord Stream 2 and TurkStream gas pipeline projects because of the threat of U.S. sanctions.

Turkey found gas reserves in the Black Sea

Its successful production will reduce the need for Turkish Stream.

Turkey wants to increase the purchase of natural gas from Azerbaijan

In May, supplies of Azerbaijani gas amounted to 33%.


Is there a place for Ukraine in the European gas market, what position does our GTS take on this issue, why is it better for Europeans to cooperate with Ukrainian GTS than with other gas transmission...

Gas transit amounted to 30 billion cubic meters for 7 months of 2020- GTSOU

This is 44% less than in the same period last year.

Russia has lost positions in gas supplies to Turkey

The country dropped to third place.