UEEX launces trade section for electricity imports

The centralized market for electricity bilateral contracts is seen to perform well.

The Storage System Operator and UEEX introduced exchange trading with uncustomed gas

Заказчики могут проводить торговые операции на электронной платформе Украинской энергетической биржи.

UEEX started publishing the Monthly Base Load Electricity Price Index

A price indicator has appeared on the electricity market.

Centrenergo sold electricity with a guarantee of supply for the heating season

The company sold baseload electricity with a delivery period from December 1 to March 31, 2022.

Guaranteed Buyer put up electricity from various sources for auction

Trading will take place on August 6 at the Ukrainian Energy Exchange.

The Ministry of Energy approved the criteria for inclusion in the "black list" of electricity buyers

For violation of the terms, unscrupulous buyers will be temporarily banned from the next electronic auctions.

Guaranteed Buyer sold the entire volume of renewable electricity at an auction

As a result of the auction, the price of electricity for one of the products increased by 19%.

Naftogaz Trading sold 3.6 bcm of gas in January-May 2021

This growth was due to the company’s strategy of developing sales on a competitive basis and increasing the customer base, as well as to higher demand for energy during the heating season.

Centrenergo’s case: how the new management changed the cash cow into a profitable asset

How the company managed to get rid of debts.

Centrenergo did not agree to sell electricity due to low bid prices

The prices declared by potential buyers were much lower than the minimum price offered by PJSC Centrenergo.

Naftogaz Trading offered district heating companies to conclude contracts for the purchase of gas from May 1

The company sent proposals to large heat energy producers due to the planned expiration of the PSO for district heating companies.

ERU Trading enters the short-term natural gas market

The company has already placed its first bids on the Day-Ahead market.