EU carbon price could hit €100 by year end after record run – analysts

Europe’s benchmark carbon price is on track to hit €100 a tonne by the end of the year.

The future of natural gas demand – expert opinions

Decarbonization of world energy was one of the issues of the Ukraine Gas Investment Congress.

Bielkova: We support decarbonization, but we need to cover our own needs

There are not enough other resources in Ukraine that could replace natural gas.

China abondons construction of new coal-fired power plants abroad

The country is making a contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against the climate crisis.

Czech Republic opposes EU ban on gasoline and diesel for cars

The ban on the use of fuel must come into force from 2035.

Ireland prohibits the sale of polluting solid fuels

The new rules will take effect until September 2022.

Gas workers are preparing to mix gas with hydrogen: what does it mean to consumers and will our pipes cope with it?

How new technology can change our lives, and what experts think about the feasibility of its implementation in Ukraine.

EU is to issue green bonds worth EUR250bn

The funds raised will be used for green projects, and the EC will report on their impact on the environment.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs will purchase electric vehicles for the patrol police

The ministry plans to purchase Mitsubishi Outlander and Hyundai Сona.

Rooftop solar panels will become mandatory in California from 2023

All state developers will be required to install photovoltaic cells on commercial buildings.

Costa Rica wants to ban oil and gas production forever

The country's parliament will discuss a bill on an indefinite ban on the exploration and production of fossil fuels.

Great Britain will create a ‘green energy island’

The country is investing £2.8 million in the Orion project.