Vitrenko: Coal for Centrenergo will be supplied from state mines under direct contracts

He also said that the debts to the Nadiia mine will be paid off as soon as the law on the restoration of the powers of the acting president comes into force.

Centrenergo has limited electricity supplies to United Energy due to a debt of UAH 725 million

The debt made it impossible for PJSC Centrenergo to make timely payments for coal supplies.

Centrenergo changed the head

The duties of the general director will be performed by an ex-member of NEURC.

US Senate approves Granholm's candidacy for the post of head of the Ministry of Energy

The candidacy was confirmed with 64 votes in favour, 35 senators voted against it.

Vitrenko: Ukrainian energy experienced the worst period in the current heating season

Yurii Vitrenko accused Russia of creating an artificial scarcity of gas on the European market.

Nearly half of installed wind power capacity is shut down due to freezing wind turbines in Texas

An energy disaster was caused by a unique combination of weather conditions that rarely happen in this region.

Ukraine reduced coal consumption and increased gasoline

Gas was saved at the beginning of the year. Then they began to consume more than last year.

Energy consumption in Ukraine in February 2020

The decline in coal consumption slowed down but did not stop.

The reserves of almost all types of fuel decreased during a year in Ukraine

Except of coal.

Energy Consumption in Ukraine in January 2020

Ukrainians buy more gasoline and liquefied gas compared to last January.