Ukrtransnafta receives fifth oil tanker for Belarus

The ship delivered 85 thousand tons of Azeri Light oil.

Ukrtransnafta increased the total volume of oil transportation by 89% in May

The company transported 1.2 million tons of oil.

Russia and Belarus agree on oil supplies for 2020

Russia will supply oil with a total volume of up to 9 million tons.

Saudi oil tanker for Belarus arrived in port of Lithuania

Oil shipment by rail will begin on May 14.

Ukrtransnafta proposes to organize the legal basis for oil storage

The company's revenue will decrease due to a reduction in transit volumes.

The Verkhovna Rada should consider a draft law on oil reserves – EU

Ukraine should reactivate the work while raw material prices are low.

Ukrtransnafta increased oil flow volumes in 2019

In particular, the volume of transportation to Kremenchuk increased by 13.4% at the end of the year.

Ukrtransnafta continues to increase oil pumping volumes

The volume of transportation to Kremenchuk has increased by 12.9% for 11 months.

Dynamics of oil transportation in Ukraine (10 months of 2019)

Ukrtransnafta pumped by 13.2% more oil to Kremenchuk refinery, the only one functioning plant in Ukraine, during 10 months than last year.

Dynamics of oil transportation in Ukraine (August 2019)

In August 2019, oil transmission by Ukrainian pipelines increased by 27.9%