Submarine cable is to connect Morocco with UK for renewable energy transmission

The power complex will consist of 7 GW of solar and 3.5 GW of wind capacity.

Ukrenergo gave commands to unload renewable energy sources at the weekend

One of the main reasons was the decrease in electricity consumption during the weekend by 2.2% compared to the previous weekend.

Giant offshore wind projects to be built in Ireland’s seas

Ireland’s plans for developing offshore wind are starting to take real shape with two new large projects in the pipeline.

The price of wind energy will decrease by 35% in 15 years

Larger turbines, reduced capital and operating costs and other technological improvements will contribute to it.

New highly maneuverable capacities will help minimize the wind farm's dispatch restrictions – Kudritskyi

So far, the growth in the volume of renewable energy is mainly due to a decrease in the share of thermal generation.

In 2021, the Ministry of Energy plans to launch auctions for the distribution of support quotas for renewable energy producers

The government is looking for a more effective incentive system for renewable energy than the FIT.

Electricity generation and consumption in January-August 2020

The volume of electricity production by enterprises of the IPS of Ukraine is 6.6% less compared to the corresponding period of 2019.

How many taxes renewables and coal generation have paid for 10 years

Renewables paid twice as much.

Electricity generation and consumpsion structures in Ukraine (January-October 2019)

Electricity production in Ukraine has decreased by 1.7% for 10 months of 2019.

The share of renewables in electricity production

During the third quarter 955.5 MW of new capacities were commissioned, of which 97.8% are wind farms and solar power plants