Destroyed by the war and on the verge of bankruptcy. What’s the future of green energy in Ukraine?

How many solar power plants, wind farms and biogas plants were destroyed?

Renewable energy producers received part of the funds for December

Guaranteed Buyer transferred money for the first 10 days of the month.

European gas prices hit maximum

Exchange prices for natural gas resumed growth.

The Wind Energy Association opposes the introduction of temporary administrations at green power plants

Investors are opposed to amendments to the legislation.

Guaranteed Buyer announces the longest auction for the sale of renewable electricity

На аукцион выставили чистую электроэнергию из разных источников.

GE to produce zero waste wind turbine blades by 2030, company says

GE Renewable Energy announced a plan Tuesday to produce zero waste wind turbine blades by 2030.

IEA says renewable power installations are set for a record year, warns of net-zero uncertainty

The world is set to add nearly 290 gigawatts of renewable power capacity this year.

Gas price in Europe is above $1000 per thousand cubic meters again

A further seasonal decrease in air temperature is expected in Europe this week.

The Cabinet of Ministers dismissed the director of Guaranteed Buyer SE

The ex-leader is accused of selling a significant amount of electricity at deliberately low prices.

Guaranteed Buyer transferred the next payment for renewable electricity produced in August

In total, renewable energy producers received UAH 4 billion for the "green" electricity in August.

EU is to issue green bonds worth EUR250bn

The funds raised will be used for green projects, and the EC will report on their impact on the environment.

Greek island will fully switch to renewable energy sources

Страна планирует изменить образ жизни на небольших островах благодаря проектам в сфере ВИЭ и энергоэффективности.