New FIT: which renewables will develop?

The future belongs to storages and balancing systems.

Six Danish cities will switch to electric transport

The country plans to fully switch to electric transport within 10 years.

Guaranteed Buyer paid more than UAH 1 billion for electricity

The company paid over UAH 762 million to renewable energy producers.

The Ministry of Energy and investors discussed the prospects for the construction of a hydrogen plant

Investors are interested in the southern region, where there is a significant surplus of electricity.

Electricity consumption increased only on weekdays last week – Ukrenergo

The average daily consumption decreased by 6.3% at the weekend.

The share of renewables in the generation structure more than doubled in the first half of the year

As a result, the installed renewables capacity increased from 2.9 GW in June 2019 to 5.8 in June 2020.

How many taxes renewables and coal generation have paid for 10 years

Renewables paid twice as much.

Structure of Generation and Electricity Consumption in Ukraine

The generation structure has undergone certain changes.

Electricity production in Ukraine: renewables showed a significant increase

Over the 12 months of 2019, Ukraine's power plants produced 153,967.1 million kWh of electricity.

Growth of solar generation in Europe and worldwide: Spain leads

Solar energy will develop proactively in the coming years.