Vitrenko commented on rumors about leaving the Ministry of Energy

Today Yurii Vitrenko came back after a business trip to Qatar.

Ukraine and Qatar signed a memorandum of cooperation in the oil and gas sector

The states intend to develop cooperation, in particular, in the areas of investments from Qatar in the exploration and production of gas in Ukraine.

Budget organizations that did not choose an electricity supplier, continue to receive electricity without interruption

The adopted resolution gives the right to conclude contracts for the supply of electricity without tender procedures.

Enterprises of the Ministry of Energy received UAH 4.2 billion of cumulative losses for the year

46 state-owned enterprises, which belong to the sphere of management of the Ministry of Energy, reported losses for the last year.

Vitrenko believes the Green Deal will create 0.5 million jobs in Ukraine

Vitrenko noted that Ukraine had great potential for producing renewable energy and increasing the level of energy efficiency.

Centrenergo sold the entire volume of electricity announced at the auction

The next auction is scheduled for Tuesday, March 23rd.