Ukraine and the Netherlands may cooperate in the hydrogen energy sector

The Strategy for the development of hydrogen energy in Ukraine until 2050 is in the process of being developed.

Green fuels mega project set to make Oman world leader in green hydrogen and green ammonia

25-gigawatt project will transform Oman’s renewable energy capacity and produce millions of tons per annum of truly zero-carbon green fuels

Greek energy industry unites in EUR 2.5 billion green hydrogen project

Gas, oil and construction companies joined forces with research institutions in Greece and foreign partners in the development of the White Dragon.

Japan will develop hydrogen propulsion technology for ocean-going ships by 2025

Hydrogen demand is expected to grow as the international shipping industry strives to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

The Ministry of Energy has developed documents for the preparation of the Hydrogen Strategy of Ukraine

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe supported Ukraine in developing a draft hydrogen roadmap.

Ukrainian GTS will become part of the EU hydrogen transport corridor

As part of infrastructure development, it is proposed to rebuild several pipelines connecting EU markets with gas exporting countries.