Chairman of Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy Oleksandr Kozakevych: If we destroy the investment climate now, no one will come to Ukraine

Chairman of Ukrainian Association of Renewable Energy Oleksandr Kozakevych told about causes of non-payments situation on the electricity market and explained how to solve it. Find out the answers in...

Energoatom has limited the supply of electricity to Guaranteed Buyer due to debts

Guaranteed Buyer’s payment level for March 2020 is about 40%.

United States will build wind farm with a cost of $1 billion

Wind farms will be built in Idaho.

Ukrenergo owes UAH 750 million to Guaranteed Buyer

The company received less for imbalances.

The installed capacity of global wind energy increased by 19% in 2019

The power of the wind farm exceeded 650 GW.

Energoatom filed a lawsuit against Guaranteed Buyer to recover UAH 3 billion

This refers to collecting the main debt and penalties for electricity supplied in February 2020.

Growth of solar generation in Europe and worldwide: Spain leads

Solar energy will develop proactively in the coming years.

Ukraine may reduce gas imports by five times in 15 years

The state will be able to save almost 9 billion m3 of gas per year if it fully realizes the potential of thermal bioenergy.

Electricity generation and consumpsion structures (January-September 2019)

The total volume of electricity production in Ukraine decreased by 1.4% to 114.3 billion kWh over 9 months compared to the same period last year.

The share of renewables in electricity production

During the third quarter 955.5 MW of new capacities were commissioned, of which 97.8% are wind farms and solar power plants