Saudi Arabia to build a zero-carbon city

It will be able to provide housing for 1 million people, and all the necessary energy will come from clean sources.

Guaranteed Buyer made the first advanced payment to renewable energy producers in 2021

For the first ten days, the enterprise transferred to manufacturers 10.8% of the cost of the goods sold.

Guaranteed Buyer continues to pay for renewable electricity produced in November

More than UAH 2 billion has been currently paid for commercial products of the specified period.

The share of Belgium solar and wind farrms in electricity production amounted to almost 19% in 2020

The construction of two offshore wind farms was completed in 2020.

Coradia iLint hydrogen trains approved in Austria

Gradually, hydrogen trains will completely replace diesel trains on all routes in Austria.

Offshore wind farm in Belgium generated 6.7 TWh in 2020

There are currently eight offshore wind farms operating in the Belgian part of the North Sea.

Electricity generation and consumption in January-August 2020

The volume of electricity production by enterprises of the IPS of Ukraine is 6.6% less compared to the corresponding period of 2019.

Growth of solar generation in Europe and worldwide: Spain leads

Solar energy will develop proactively in the coming years.

Ukraine may reduce gas imports by five times in 15 years

The state will be able to save almost 9 billion m3 of gas per year if it fully realizes the potential of thermal bioenergy.

Electricity generation and consumpsion structures (January-September 2019)

The total volume of electricity production in Ukraine decreased by 1.4% to 114.3 billion kWh over 9 months compared to the same period last year.