Tymchenko: €4 billion of investments per year – the price of renewable energy growth by 2050

This amount is necessary to increase the share of alternative sources up to 75%.

SPP on the roof of a high-rise block was installed in Cherkassy

The power of the solar station is 8 kW.

Guaranteed Buyer bought 503 thousand MWh of “green” electricity in January

The company also acquired 238.5 thousand MWh of electricity from Ukrenergo.

Wind farms in Germany produced about 55% of the electricity last week

The total share of renewable energy – the sun and wind – amounted to about 59%.

The average weighted price of electricity on the DAM is 1269.64 UAH/MWh over 20 days of February

This is 13.03% lower than over 20 days of January.

The government constantly discusses the situation with feed-in tariffs with the market – Honcharuk

The authorities are seeking a compromise with the market.

Australia will build SPP to supply the iron-ore field

The solar station will have a capacity of 34 MW.

Sweden will build a rooftop solar farm the size of 11 football fields

Each year, the station will produce 4 GWh of electricity.

The first reactor of the oldest nuclear power plant will be shut down in late February in France

The nuclear power plant began to operate in 1977.

Ministry of Energy will deal with professional reorientation of miners

Minister Orzhel also announced the unprofitability of coal mining.

Arab World’s First Nuclear Reactor Cleared for Startup

The United Arab Emirates took a final step toward switching on the Arab world’s first commercial nuclear power plant, even as the country prospers by producing and selling fossil fuels.

An offshore SPP in the Netherlands has survived Storm Ciara

The structure was completely unaffected during the storm.