The power unit of the South Ukrainian NPP was connected to the grid, 14 units are operating in the power system

The software has been updated at the power unit.

South-Ukrainian NPP brought the first unit for scheduled repair

The work, which will last 104 days, involves a gut reno of the reactor.

Power unit No.2 of South-Ukrainian NPP taken out of service for repairs

Scheduled maintenance will last 65 days.

Power unit No.3 of South Ukraine NPP is connected to the power grid

Now the equipment of the first, second and third power units of the South Ukraine NPP is operating in the prescribed mode.

Power unit No. 1 of South Ukraine NPP was taken out of repair ahead of schedule – Energoatom

The power unit was connected to the grid.

NPP base load increased in July – the Ministry of Energy

As of 08:00 a.m. on July 10, 2020, the total load of nuclear power plants amounted to 7900 MW.