When ZNPP power unit No.2 was being connected to the network, an automatic shutdown was triggered

The engineering support team investigates the reasons for the protection trip.

Energoatom: 14 NPP power units operate in the power system

Power unit No.4 of ZNPP was connected to the UESU.

Energoatom guarantees the use of all power units if necessary

All 15 power units of nuclear power plants will operate in the autumn-winter period.

Power unit No.5 of Zaporizhzhia NPP is connected to the power system

Now 4 power units of Zaporizhzhia NPP are in operation.

IAEA scheduled inspection is ongoing at Zaporizhzhia NPP

The inspection takes place within the framework of an international agreement between Ukraine and the IAEA.

Power unit No.2 of Zaporizhzhia NPP disconnected from the power system

In total, 11 out of 15 power units are in operation at nuclear power plants of Ukraine.