The Cabinet of Ministers regimented accounting of petroleum product losses

Due to the lack of legal regulation, business entities incur significant financial losses.

GTSOU received consent from the regulator to appoint a controller

The company noted that in world practice, the tool of introducing an independent controller to avoid pressure from third parties on the operators of the GTS is used.

The composition of NEURC is asked to be declared incompetent

Now the court is deciding the issue of opening proceedings in an administrative case.

The Ministry of Energy approved the updated charter of Energoatom

The state enterprise has submitted it for state registration.

NEURC revised FIT

NEURC approved the reduction of FIT in accordance with the law on the conditions for supporting renewable energy

Zelenskyy signs law on restructuring FIT

By 2030, the memorandum will make it possible to reduce the volume of payments for renewables by about €2 billion.