France will freeze gas prices throughout 2022

The decline in gas prices will occur at a slower pace than previously thought.

EU Ambassador: Ukraine needs de-oligarchization of the electricity market

There are still many problems in the energy sector that prevent synchronization with European networks

GTSOU also applied for participation in the certification process of the Nord Stream 2 operator

NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine applied for joining the process on 15 October.

The Cabinet of Ministers supported the opening of special accounts for regional gas companies to automate the payment of imbalances

The Cabinet of Ministers approved the procedure for opening special accounts for operators of gas distribution networks.

The Green Party urged not to launch Nord Stream 2 until all EU conditions are met

They said that part of the responsibility for the difficult situation on the gas market in Europe lies with Russia.

Gazprom refused to book additional capacity of GTSOU for November

The Ukrainian GTS operator offered capacities along two routes.

Natural gas stocks in Europe

The total occupancy of European gas storage facilities (UGS) is 93.6%.

Gas price for household consumers 2018-2020

Gas has fallen in price by almost 3 times over the past year.

Oil price dynamics amid a price war between OPEC and Russia

Over the past week, world oil quotations have experienced serious volatility.

Electricity sales on the day-ahead market decreased in February

According to the state-owned enterprise Market Operator, the volume of electricity sales on the day-ahead market (DAM) in the IPS of Ukraine trade zone decreased by 12.53% in February 2020.