The Verkhovna Rada supported the bill on debt restructuring in the gas market

The relevant committee recommended taking it as a basis and in general.

An expert explained what regulations the laws on the biomethane provide

The main reason for the absence of a fully functioning biomethane market is the imperfection of the relevant legislation.

The Verkhovna Rada Committee supported the establishment of special accounts to prevent the accumulation of debts by GDS operators

The bill proposes a mechanism to prevent the accumulation of new debts by regional and gas companies for production and technological costs.

Brent price went down to $65.13

Benchmark crude prices decline amid unexpected growth in US crude stocks.

The Ministry of Energy proposes to exempt energy from biofuels from taxation

Burning biofuels produces as much carbon dioxide as is absorbed by plants during growth.

Trump vetoed US defense budget including sanctions against Nord Stream 2

US President Donald Trump blocked the bill, and the House of Representatives said they would seek to lift the veto.