A bill expanding sanctions against Nord Stream 2 has been filed today in the US Senate

Bipartisan group of senators proposes to expand sanctions against any pipe-laying activities, technology upgrades, insurance services and certification for Nord Stream 2

The Economic Stimulus Program provides for an increase in electricitytariffs for the population

The government approved the Economic Stimulus Program to overcome the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Energoatom proposes to reduce the volume of PSO to 50%

The Cabinet of Ministers supported the proposal of the Ministry of Energy and Environmental Protection to reduce PSO volumes by 5%.

Испания хочет увеличить долю зеленой энергии до 70%

В стране предлагают запретить все новые угольные и нефтегазовые проекты.

The Cabinet of Ministers held a regular meeting of the Anti-Crisis Energy Headquarters

It is planned to reduce the share of energy sales by Energoatom within the framework of PSO.

Parliament supported the draft law on nuclear safety

The Verkhovna Rada supported the draft law in the second reading.