Oil prices are increasing again

Brent and WTI could rise more than 2% at the end of the week.

Oil prices hit their highs in several years

Over the past week, the price of WTI went up by more than 5%, showing growth for the seventh week in a row.

Oil prices increase

Brent is trading above $82 a barrel.

Brent crude is trading above $82 per barrel

The decision of OPEC+ to keep the previously adopted plan to increase oil production was a positive factor for the market in recent days.

Brent price went down again

Traders are waiting for the next meeting of the OPEC+ countries.

Brent price went down to $78.46 per barrel

Commercial oil stocks in the United States increased by 4.58 million barrels last week.

The Azov Sea x 2: gas, oil and gas condensate reserves in Ukraine

Kosatka.Media has compared the volume of fossil fuels reserves with well-known Ukrainian reservoirs.