Guaranteed Buyer has transferred payment for green electricity produced in December

In total, the company paid UAH 560 million for marketable products of the first month of winter.

Guaranteed Buyer made the first advanced payment to renewable energy producers in 2021

For the first ten days, the enterprise transferred to manufacturers 10.8% of the cost of the goods sold.

Guaranteed Buyer fully paid for renewable electricity produced in November

Electricity at the FIT for January-February and August-November 2020 is fully paid.

Guaranteed Buyer continues to pay for renewable electricity produced in November

More than UAH 2 billion has been currently paid for commercial products of the specified period.

Saudi Arabian company to build large wind farm in Azerbaijan

Saudi Arabia will help Azerbaijan to develop a “green” economy.

UEEX launches day-ahead natural gas trading

From December 29, 2020, the Ukrainian Energy Exchange launched natural gas trading on the day-ahead market.