Controlling heating bills

How to keep track of heat metering in an apartment building and not pay for heating the neighbors' apartments.

Orange gas: why does the kettle boil so long

Kosatka.Media has figured out how to control the quality of fuel and what affects its normal color and condition.

The Cabinet of Ministers: prices for gas and utilities will not change

The Prime Minister announced the gas prices and utility tariffs.

The State Inspectorate for Energy Supervision confirmed 14.5 thousand thermal facilities are ready for winter

During the inspections, 1216 violations were revealed.

Budget-2021 increase: funds for subsidies and miners

The President signed the Law “On amending the law on the state budget-2021”, which the Rada adopted on September 8.

Shmyhal explained where to get the additional UAH 12 billion for subsidies

There are almost 3 million households in Ukraine in need of such assistance.

Ukrainians have paid UAH 214 bln for utilities over a year

But there are still more than UAH 61 bln of old debts left.